Helen Thompson

I'm the Distinguished Product Engineer for Business Analyst and GeoEnrichment. I've spent 30 years working with clients to apply spatial methods and analysis to enable their organizations to thrive. I'm passionate about the opportunities to solve challenges big and small. Customer insight and feedback drive our product and industry strategies at Esri.

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Get Smart About Opportunity Search in Business Analyst

Smart Map Search is a must for anyone looking to better understand their markets or target government or commercial resources.

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How to Build a Grid Graph in Business Analyst Web in 7 Easy Steps

How to create the popular infographic to visually represent percentages.

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Creating A Review Style “5 Stars” Infographic

Many businesses grade their activities or an opportunity using a 5 Star rating. It’s common on product review sites and is a popular wi...

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Creating Dynamic and Conditional Charts in Business Analyst

Business Analyst Web App (BA Web) infographics are incredibly powerful ways to summarize data in visually stunning ways. One of the most ...

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Map Anything with ArcGIS Maps for Office

Everyone has tables of business and operations data that contain an address, city, country or postal zone that can be easily geocoded in ...

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Creating Professional Infographics Made Easy

One of the most popular and powerful features of Business Analyst Web App (BA Web) is infographic summaries. I frequently use custom info...

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