3D Visualization & Analytics

Review Proposed Developments in your Community

Over the last couple of years, the team at Esri has been working hard at rolling out 3D capability across the ArcGIS platform. This created the groundwork for building 3D solutions that make it easier to start working in 3D.

Check out the new exciting enhancements that are available in the latest release of the Review Proposed Developments solution.

Import and place a new development directly into a 3D scene. View it from any location and angle to see how it fits into the wider community.

Answer various visibility questions such as how much of the river can be seen from the proposed development or how visible is the proposed development from surrounding buildings and roads.

Calculate solar radiation maps for the wider community and assess the potential solar radiation per roof segment of the proposed development.

Analyze the shadow impact of the proposed development on the surrounding community.

And use the 3D Public Survey app to share the scene online and engage with the community to solicit structured feedback on the proposed developments.

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