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World Imagery Basemap Updated with Very High Resolution Imagery and Additional Scale Levels

The World Imagery Basemap can now support imagery down to L23, which would potentially support imagery down to 2cm or 1in per pixel.

Imagery has already been updated to include very high resolutions for several communities, down to L20 (15cm or 6in resolution) or L21 (7.5cm or 3in resolution).

Seeing is believing

Have a look at these interactive map examples:

Salt Lake County, Utah

Story County, Iowa

This map tour visits selected areas in several communities where very high resolution imagery is now available. Imagery is re-sampled at the largest scales if not provided at very high resolution.

New Imagery is only part of the story, however. Enhanced basemap resolution is available in the Streets and World Topographic basemaps too. What’s New in ArcGIS Online (November 2015) lends detail to the new releases and enhancements in content, new options for visualizing data, and much more.


If you have previously used the World Imagery Basemap, you may need to clear your cache in order to see the updates.

If you have feedback on content, try our Imagery Map Feedback web map.

If you have other feedback or comments, please post them to the ArcGIS Online Discussion Group and the Living Atlas Discussion Group on GeoNet.

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Shane is a Senior Product Engineer for Esri's ArcGIS Content Team. He curates and recruits content for the ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World through Esri's Community Maps Program, and explores and implements new and innovative delivery methods of providing geospatial information.


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