GeoPlanner for ArcGIS at UC 2016

During the 2016 User Conference, Esri professionals will be showcasing GeoPlanner for ArcGIS in four unique sessions.

To learn more about GeoPlanner and Geodesign, here is a day-by-day breakdown of each GeoPlanner session.


  1. GeoPlanner: Configuring for Use in Your Organization
    (12:30 PM – 1:15 PM, Demo Theater 8- Apps, San Diego Convention Center)
    GeoPlanner for ArcGIS can be easily configured for use as an scenario planning tool across a wide range of industries. Learn how to use ArcGIS to quickly create GeoPlanner configurations that address the specific needs of your organization and industry. 
  2. GeoPlanner: Site Suitability Analysis
    (2:30 PM – 3:15 PM, Demo Theater 8- Apps, San Diego Convention Center)
    Join this session to learn how to use GeoPlanner for ArcGIS and the Weighted Raster Overlay Services available in ArcGIS Online for suitability modeling. The session will also cover how to create a Weighted Raster Overlay Service using your data.
  3. GeoPlanner for ArcGIS: Plan and Analyze Impacts of Transportation and Land Use Policies
    (3:30 PM – 4:15 PM, Demo Theater 11- Mapping & Visualization, San Diego Convention Center)
    This presentation will demonstrate the latest web-based support for planning. You will learn how to effectively introduce GeoPlanner for ArcGIS into your planning workflows and manage your planning process more efficiently, from project creation and data management to evaluating scenarios and preparing reports.


  1. GeoPlanner: Hosting Geodesign and Analysis Services in Your Portal for ArcGIS
    (8:30 AM – 9:45 AM, Sapphire Ballroom A/B, Hilton Bayfront)
    GeoPlanner can be deployed on premise to Portal for ArcGIS. This allows you to create, analyze and report on design alternatives using your enterprise’s content, security and analysis services. In this session, you will learn how to deploy and configure GeoPlanner within Portal for ArcGIS.

GeoPlanner will also be featured in all-day two exhibitions. Details below:


  1. 3D – Esri Pavilion
    (9:00 AM – 6:00 PM, Exhibit Hall B, San Diego Convention Center)
    Experience how 3D visualization, modeling, and analysis increase the value of your GIS data and workflows in the office, on the web, and in the field. Come explore the new capabilities of Esri CityEngine, ArcGIS Pro, GeoPlanner for ArcGIS, and more.
  2. Apps – Esri Pavilion
    (9:00 AM – 6:00 PM, Exhibit Hall B, San Diego Convention Center)
    Visit the Apps Island to see how ready-to-use apps help you use the power of location to improve operations and make better-informed business decisions. Esri will showcase apps like AppStudio, Collector, Drone2Map, GeoPlanner, and more.

Search the UC Agenda and review the User Conference Home Page for more information. Stop by the sessions and exhibitions to learn, ask questions, and meet some of our team members. We look forward to seeing you at the UC!

Contributed by Jake Devost, intern with the GeoPlanner team, 2016.

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