Help Your Company Reduce Fuel Card Fraud

Analyze Credit Card FraudAnalyze Credit Card Fraud is a new Learn ArcGIS lesson showing private and public employers how they can investigate employees who take advantage of fuel card programs.

In this one-hour lesson, an investigator with a shipping company based on Washington, D.C., will drill down through fuel-stop data to determine which — and if any — employees may be refilling their own vehicles at company expense.

At the conclusion, the investigator will create a three-slide presentation which can be shared with company officials working at different locations.

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Tweeting for LearnArcGIS is ssssoooo much fun! I'm John Berry, a recovering newspaper reporter and current product engineer for Learn ArcGIS. My main task is authoring and editing lessons for Learn ArcGIS, but while nobody is looking, I also get to write blogs and tweets for the site. (And since becoming a dad in 2004, I've long mastered the fine art of dad humor, which -- properly timed -- can cause eyes to roll and laughs to start.

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