ArcGIS Pro SDK at Developer Summit 2018

The Esri Developer Summit is just a month away, scheduled for March 6 – 9, 2018 in Palm Springs.

Many teams at Esri have been working to put together a comprehensive line-up of offerings to help you get started with the ArcGIS Pro SDK, and of course, caught up with the latest features and patterns at 2.1.  Here are the different offerings / formats available:

Below is a list of all the Pro SDK offerings with descriptions.  For more information, you can search the online agenda here using keywords “Pro SDK”.  We look forward to seeing you at Dev Summit!

Pre-summit Hands-On Training

Once again, there will be a pre-summit hands-on SDK training course offered.  The course is titled “Introduction to Programming with the ArcGIS Pro SDK for .NET” and will be offered March 4th – 5th, 8:30 am – 5:30 pm at the Hilton Palm Springs Hotel.   If you’re looking for a comprehensive, in-depth introduction to the Pro SDK, this is it.  Plan to bring your own machine pre-loaded with ArcGIS Pro and Visual Studio, as well as your Visual Studio .NET skills and get ready to learn:

Introduction to Programming with the ArcGIS Pro SDK for .NET 

This two-day hands-on training course will introduce you to the fundamentals of using the ArcGIS Pro SDK for .NET to customize and extend ArcGIS Pro. Participants will work with Microsoft Visual Studio, the .NET Framework and the Pro SDK to create Pro add-ins to automate existing processes and to add new capabilities that you design and write. The ArcGIS Pro API exposes core aspects of Pro, including: 2D and 3D maps, sharing, integration with ArcGIS Online, Geodatabase, Geometry, Editing, Layouts, and more. The Pro API is also asynchronous and supports multi-threaded programming, and the Pro SDK patterns will be introduced in the workshop.

You can find out more on the Pre-Summit Training page.

Getting Started Hands-On Workshop

New at Dev Summit this year, there will be a hands-on training workshop offered during Dev Summit week.  The new 5-hour workshop is called “Getting Started with the ArcGIS Pro SDK. for .NET” and will be offered on Thursday, March 8th, 9:00 am – 3:30 pm in the Mojave Learning Center.  This is a great way to learn basic and intermediate-level skills with the Pro SDK.  Here’s the description.

Getting Started with the ArcGIS Pro SDK. for .NET

This new hands-on training workshop will introduce you to ArcGIS Pro SDK concepts, helpful tips and practical steps to help you get started developing add-ins to extend ArcGIS Pro. Participants will walk through topics with the workshop instructor and then work through exercises using their own device with the Pro SDK and the Microsoft Visual Studio development environment. Topics will include:

Prerequisites:  This workshop assumes that participants have basic experience developing Windows applications using Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 or 2017 and .NET, as well as a few months of experience working with ArcGIS Pro.  Workshop participants must bring their own device, pre-installed with ArcGIS Pro 2.1 and Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 or 2017.

Technical Sessions

In these one-hour technical sessions, Esri teams will be presenting in-depth concept information and more on the Pro SDK’s latest API enhancements, customization and programming patterns, and resources.

ArcGIS Pro SDK for .NET: Beginning Pro Customization and Extensibility

Learn how to customize and extend ArcGIS Pro with its .NET SDK. We’ll show you how you can get up and running quickly with the Add-in and Configuration customization patterns, declarative programming with DAML, and asynchronous programming with ArcGIS Pro’s QueuedTask.

ArcGIS Pro SDK for .NET: Advanced Pro Customization and Extensibility

In this session we cover advanced customization patterns including custom project and application properties, command filtering, UI customization across multiple add-in solutions, plug and play UI extensibility with embeddable controls and DAML categories.

ArcGIS Pro SDK for .NET: Beginning Editing and Editing UI Patterns

Learn how to create editing tools in Pro. We introduce construction tools and editing tools and how to integrate your custom editing functionality into the Pro UI. We introduce the Inspector class for creating and updating features as well as attribute editing. We show customizing the galleries, integration into modify dockpane, and how to modify the sketch.

ArcGIS Pro SDK for .NET:  Advanced Editing and Edit Operations

This session focuses on use of Edit Operation and Edit events. We will cover key edit operation capabilities and edit operation usage to include: versioned edits; combine operations to span across multiple datasets; chaining edit operations. We will investigate edit events and row-level events as well as edit Undo/Redo.

ArcGIS Pro SDK for .NET:  Pro Application Architecture Overview and API Patterns

This lecture covers the Pro application architecture framework and its primary patterns to include context in the UI, DAML, extensibility and the module sub-system, and threading – concurrency, best practices, and cancellation. This lecture is appropriate for Pro application developers who want to learn more about the Pro internals and how to leverage that knowledge in their add-in and configuration designs.

ArcGIS Pro SDK for .NET: Mapping and Layout

Learn how to create map tools for selection and identify, and custom pop-ups. We will examine the new Pro Layout API to create Layouts on-the-fly as well as integrate it with Layout Map Series. We will cover MVVM and integration of WPF to write compelling UIs in Pro including multi-threading considerations.

ArcGIS Pro SDK for .NET: An Overview of the Geodatabase API

This session will provide an overview of the geodatabase .NET API (ArcGIS.Core.Data) for working with data in ArcGIS Pro, including working with datasets, fields, queries, selections, joins and relates.

ArcGIS Pro SDK for .NET: An Overview of the Utility Network Management API

This session will provide an overview of the utility network .NET API in ArcGIS Pro to create custom tools and applications for electric, gas, water and waste water utilities.

ArcGIS Pro SDK for .NET:  Working with Rasters and Imagery

Learn how to use the ArcGIS Pro SDK with Imagery and Raster data to create compelling add-ins. Developers can use the ArcGIS Pro SDK to control how their imagery and raster data is displayed, read/write pixels and properties and control how data is processed.

Demo Theater Sessions

These 30-minute sessions are concise and demonstration-focused in their content and presentation.

Demo Theater:  ArcGIS Pro SDK for .NET: Custom States and Conditions

Learn how to take advantage of contextual behavior in ArcGIS Pro using states and conditions. This demo will focus on DAML elements in ArcGIS Pro add-ins, and how to manipulate the Pro UI and content based on what’s selected in the application.

Demo Theater:  ArcGIS Pro SDK for .NET: New UI Controls for the SDK

We cover the new user controls available in the ArcGIS Pro SDK for .NET including Query Builder control, Locator control, and Coordinate Systems picker control. Learn how to integrate these controls into your custom Pro UIs.

Demo Theater:  ArcGIS Pro SDK for .NET: Raster API and Manipulating Pixel Blocks

We cover use of the Raster API to select and iterate through raster data. The demo will include creating a raster cursor to iterate through raster data and reading and writing pixels from and to a raster dataset using pixel blocks.

Demo Theater:  ArcGIS Pro SDK for .NET: Getting Started

Looking for a quick walk-through on how to get up and running with the ArcGIS Pro SDK? Join us for quick tips and demos on installing the Pro SDK and the SDK community samples and building your first Pro add-in. We’ll show you how you can get up and running quickly with the samples, and introduce you to the many online resources.

ArcGIS Pro Area in the Esri Showcase

The Desktop SDK Team and other ArcGIS Pro product teams will be available each day in the ArcGIS Pro Area in the Esri Showcase.  Stop by with your questions and discuss how you would like to customize ArcGIS Pro to meet your organization’s needs and workflows.

Register for Dev Summit 2018 here.  We look forward to seeing you there!

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Chris is a product manager on the ArcGIS Desktop Team, focused on the ArcGIS Pro SDK and helping users achieve their Pro customization goals.

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