Coming Soon: An Improved Way to Manage and Provision Business Analyst Web App Licenses

We are improving the way Esri Business Analyst (BA) web app licenses are managed and provisioned. With these changes, you will be able to manage users more easily. This change better aligns the BA web app licensing with your ArcGIS Online subscription licensing as well as streamlines it with other ArcGIS premium apps.

Currently, you need to create a group of BA users in ArcGIS Online, share the BA web app with the group, and add or remove users from the group to control their access. With the changes we are making, you won’t need to add or remove users via groups. As an administrator, you will be able to simply log in to ArcGIS Online, follow the Manage Licenses workflow, and control which users have access to the BA web app. After the change, you should not notice or face any issues in accessing the BA web app. However, if you need to give new users access to the BA web app or revoke/redistribute existing users, you will follow the manage licenses workflow in ArcGIS Online.

We will be making this change in the mid-August timeframe and will keep you posted on the details of managing users.

Update: This change has been made. Learn more in this blog.

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