Esri Maps for MicroStrategy 3.0 now supports MicroStrategy 10.5

In September 2016, the MicroStrategy Community announced the release of MicroStrategy 10.5, an incremental update release.

Esri Maps for MicroStrategy 3.0 was originally released supporting MicroStrategy 10.3 and 10.4. MicroStrategy 10.5 has now been certified and is supported in v3.0. Limited testing with Esri Maps for MicroStrategy 3.0 encountered no issues.

To take advantage of the latest MicroStrategy Web fixes, simply install Esri Maps for MicroStrategy 3.0 on top of MicroStrategy Web 10.5.

Use the new build scripts to create a custom mobile app using the MicroStrategy 10.5 Mobile SDK. For more information, see Create a mobile app using a script.

Read the MicroStrategy Web release notes.

For information using the product, see the Esri Maps for MicroStrategy web help and be sure to visit GeoNet to get help from the community.

~The Esri Maps for MicroStrategy team

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