What's New with Feature Services in 10.6

Hello! I’m Sarah, a product engineer working on feature services at Esri. There are many updates to feature services in the 10.6 release, which came out this week. The points below provide a general overview of the recent additions and updates to feature services, and will serve as a guideline for future posts. I’ll release a series of blogs expanding on these items to give you a better understanding of the improved functionality in the new release.

Feature Services published to an ArcGIS Enterprise federated server where the data is stored in a registered enterprise geodatabase:

*Note: The features listed above are available for non-hosted services published from ArcGIS Pro 2.1 or later but not necessarily for services published from ArcMap or other processes. Services published from ArcGIS Pro 2.1 have the following layer and service property: "cimVersion": "2.1.0".

Sample Utility Network

Hosted Feature Services in ArcGIS Enterprise:

For more information and examples of the above layer properties, visit the web help.

This page will be updated with links to each post in the blog series when they are available. 

Check out my blog post on the Utility Network here.

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