How to download rasters from an image service

Now that you have shared your downloadable image service, how does a client download rasters?  Below are the steps to download rasters:

  1. Add an image service into ArcMap.
  2. Make selection either by creating a query (Select By Attributes), or by using the selection tool (Select By Rectangle).

  3. In the Table of Contents, right-click on your image service layer, point to Data, and then click on Download Selected Rasters.

  4. Check all the files you want to download.  Here you can uncheck any overviews or other rasters that may have been selected that you do not wish to download.

  5. Optionally, you can choose to clip your rasters to the data frame extent or to a graphic.
  6. Click Download.  Your files will be located in the target location that was specified in the Download Selected Rasters window.

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Simon W

Simon is an Esri product engineer on the Raster team. He works mainly with Pixel Editor, raster visualization, georeferencing, and documentation.

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