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ArcGIS Enterprise on Kubernetes at the 2024 Esri Partner Conference and Developer Summit

Our product team is looking forward to seeing you in Palm Springs! At the 2024 Esri Partner Conference (EPC) and Developer Summit events from March 10 through March 15, you can see demonstrations of our software, learn about the technology and how it’s evolving, and express your ideas on how we can improve our products. You might be an Esri partner providing consulting services, a developer or IT expert wanting to learn more about our software, or a GIS enthusiast wanting to immerse yourself in all things geographical… you’ll find these events fun and well-worth attending!

Below are a few ways to take advantage of your time at the EPC and Developer Summit, specific to ArcGIS Enterprise on Kubernetes.

Navigate the events

Our amazing ArcGIS Indoors team has built interactive mapping experiences to help you find your way around the events and connect with the team you’re looking for. Please check out this ArcGIS Indoors article. To find sessions and stay current on what’s happening, download and use the Esri Events mobile app.

2024 Esri Partner Conference

At the 2024 Esri Partner Conference, you’ll gain firsthand knowledge about Esri’s strategic vision and business approach.

ArcGIS Cloud Services and ArcGIS Enterprise on Kubernetes Specialties

Date: Monday, March 11 | 9:45 AM – 10:45 AM PDT    Location: Mesquite GH | PSCC

Session Type: User Group Meeting     Level: All Attendees

For partners who are currently in the ArcGIS Cloud Services and ArcGIS Enterprise on Kubernetes Specialties, as well as those interested in joining the specialties. This session will include a product update on ArcGIS Enterprise on Kubernetes, as well as discussion on business opportunities and common use cases/best practice implementations.

2024 Esri Developer Summit

At the 2024 Developer Summit, you can join the global GIS developer community to see how to build cutting-edge apps using advanced mapping technology. We plan several demos and sessions related to ArcGIS Enterprise on Kubernetes and cloud-native software. One of these sessions will be live streamed for our online audience.

ArcGIS Enterprise on Kubernetes

Date: Wednesday, March 13 | 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM PDT     Location: Primrose B | PSCC | Available Online

Session Type: Technical Session     Level: Beginner

In this session, learn more about the cloud-native architecture behind ArcGIS Enterprise on Kubernetes. Worldwide adoption of Kubernetes is accelerating, thanks to its scalability, resilience, and manageability. ArcGIS Enterprise on Kubernetes is designed to take advantage of the cloud-native patterns of containerization and microservices design. This session will show you how our software running on Kubernetes can scale quickly, ensure high availability, and makes administration easier. Come see what all the excitement is about!

ArcGIS Enterprise on Kubernetes: Wreck It and Recover It

Date: Wednesday, March 13 | 4:45 PM – 5:15 PM PDT     Location: Demo Theater 3: Mesquite D-E | PSCC

Session Type: Demo Theater Presentation    Level: Intermediate

Cloud native architectures promise scalability and high availability. Come see the proof! Participate in the demonstration as we intentionally “wreck” our software’s infrastructure, and then see how ArcGIS Enterprise on Kubernetes responds automatically, with minimal downtime and no intervention required! Please come early; this popular session typically fills up!

ArcGIS Enterprise: Integrating Cloud Native Services

Date: Tuesday, March 12 | 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM PDT     Location: Primrose A | PSCC

Session Type: Technical Session    Level: Intermediate

ArcGIS Enterprise supports connecting to, and making use of, a variety of services in a number of cloud environments. This includes cloud native storage like AWS S3, Azure Storage, and Google Cloud Storage as well as cloud databases like AWS Aurora, Azure SQL, and Google Cloud SQL. In this session we’ll talk about these integration options, how they can benefit you, and show you practical examples of how to get started.

ArcGIS Enterprise: The Road Ahead

Date: Thursday, March 14 | 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM PDT     Location: Pasadena/Sierra/Ventura | Renaissance Hotel

Session Type: Technical Session    Level: Beginner

ArcGIS Enterprise is your organization’s foundation for powerful data management, mapping and visualization, and analysis capabilities – from imagery to big data to data science. This session will offer a sneak peek at what is planned for upcoming releases across Windows, Linux, and Kubernetes.

Esri Showcase

Our product team is available at our kiosk in the showcase, where you can meet with our engineers and developers. Learn more about our latest capabilities and how customers are deploying ArcGIS Enterprise on Kubernetes to scale mission-critical GIS solutions. Please visit us!

Day and Date Time Location
Tuesday, March 12 1:00 PM – 6:30 PM Oasis Hall 1-2 | PSCC
Wednesday, March 13 10:00 AM – 6:30 PM Oasis Hall 1-2 | PSCC
Thursday, March 14 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM Oasis Hall 1-2 | PSCC

Be sure to talk with our sponsors and exhibitors as well.

These events are a great way to connect with our global developer community. We are looking forward to seeing you in Palm Springs! And remember, you can always connect with us through the ArcGIS Enterprise community.

Learn more about ArcGIS Enterprise on Kubernetes in the product documentation, the What’s New ArcGIS blog and the ArcGIS Architecture Center.

On March 10, daylight saving time starts in California, so remember to set your clock forward one hour.

About the author

Trevor Seaton is a Senior Principal Product Manager focusing on ArcGIS Enterprise on Kubernetes. His work emphasizes the delivery of cloud-native GIS software that excels in scalability, performance, and reliability. Trevor has led strategic initiatives in the sectors of software, aerospace, and philanthropy prior to joining Esri in 2019. He holds an MBA from the University of Washington and is pursuing a PhD in information systems at Claremont Graduate University. You can reach Trevor at


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