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Take Your Location Referencing Data Further

Since their first releases, ArcGIS Roads and Highways and ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing (collectively referred to as “Location Referencing”) deployments have included a web-based experience to edit event attribute data using the Event Editor application. As Event Editor moves towards the end of its lifespan, we are introducing a next generation web-based event editing experience to Location Referencing users. With the recent ArcGIS Enterprise 11.3 release, new linear referencing widgets are available in ArcGIS Experience Builder that allow you to query, search, and make edits to linear-referenced features. These widgets not only serve as a replacement for Event Editor but they also offer more flexibility.

The widgets can be deployed individually to support task-specific workflows or as part of a template-based application. When used individually, organizations can deploy focused applications, like a pipeline search or crash entry app, that support business-specific workflows and their intended audience.

Two template apps, one for searching linear-referenced features and one for linear-referenced event editing, are available within ArcGIS Experience Builder that integrate these new widgets into their design. Organizations can deploy these widgets as-is or use them as a starting point to build a custom application by adding, updating, or removing widgets.

Each of the new widgets are highlighted below.

LRS Search

The LRS Search widget allows users to search for specific locations or ranges along their routes. Search options include route and measure(s), coordinates, or offsets from features like intersections, weld points, or signs. This widget is useful for users orienting themselves along a route before making event edits or performing other analysis on LRS data, as well as for finding single or multiple locations along a route via a variety of location methods.

LRS Identify

The LRS Identify widget supports users looking to gather the route, measure, and attribute information about a route at a specific location. Additionally, this widget will be useful for staff such as project planners or integrity engineers that need to quickly get the route and event attribute information at a specific location on the map.

Add Point Event

The Add Point Event widget enables users to create LRS point events at any location along the route. For event editors responsible for maintaining point events in the LRS, this widget allows the placement of a single event, such as a crash or an anomaly, or the addition of multiple events using a point attribute set, such as at an intersection or junction.

Add Line Event

The Add Line Event widget allows users to create one or more LRS linear events along a route. Like the Add Point Event widget, this widget allows event editors responsible for editing line events to add one or more events to the route. Users have the option to add a single line event or multiple line events by using line attribute sets.

Split Event

The Split Event widget enables users to split an LRS line event at a specific measure to create two new linear events. Designed for event editors that maintain linear events, the widget streamlines the workflow to split an event when attributes change on a pipe, road, or rail.

Merge Events

The Merge Events widget supports users that need to merge two LRS line events into a single event record. Like the Split Events widget, this widget is designed for event editors with the workflow to merge coincident events when the event attributes change along a route and now match.

Attending Esri User Conference 2024? Be sure to stop by the ArcGIS Roads and Highways (in Transportation industry area) or ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing (in Utilities industry area) kiosks to view demos of these widgets.

About the authors

Nathan Easley is a Product Owner and team lead for the Location Referencing extension at Esri. For the last 11 years he's worked to research and implement linear referencing capabilities into the Location Referencing products, ArcGIS Roads and Highways and ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing.


I am a Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Esri who is responsible for messaging, positioning, and branding for an elite portfolio of products. Outside of work, I love traveling and I am a novice birder!

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