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Podcast 3- Hussein Nasser, Esri; When curiosity comes, give it a chance.

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While Hussein Nasser is an engineer on the Esri product team, he is much more than that. He is driven and motivated to do the best job he can so that users will have the best experience possible. Even though he participates in testing and making updates for efficiency purposes, he also never forgets to consider the user experience and what could be important to them. He finds the feedback from our users to be helpful and really enjoys understanding more about how they use our software across various industries. He feels it helps him do his job better and provide a better product design.

Hussein’s vast technical skillset allow him to work on a variety of projects ranging from Arcade Language, to the Utility Network and many things in between. He is active on LinkedIn and regularly posts helpful tips, suggestions, and things he has learned in an effort to provide assistance to his expansive online community of followers. 

When I first met Hussein, I instantly knew he was amazing. We had an incredible conversation during my first week at Esri. His genuine character and willingness to engage with me was so refreshing. He was just as interested in my path to Esri as I was in his and what he did here. Within just a few minutes, I knew I had found someone I would be coming back to regularly for his suggestions, recommendations, and advice. When the podcast idea emerged, he was one of the very first people I knew I wanted to interview. Everything from Hussein is pure gold and I enjoy every conversation I have with him immensely, however the interview for this podcast was especially enlightening. His emphasis on curiosity stayed with me throughout the recording cycle and inspired me not only when I was building out the guest list, but also while considering what I should ask each one of the guests. Staying curious was such great advice from Hussein; he had no idea how helpful it would be to me over the coming weeks as Remi and I worked through the recording process. It is great advice for all of us as we proceed on our daily journey of life. We never know what opportunities may come our way and we should all be ready with open minds.

In this episode, Hussein will not only give us his insight into software development, training, and education, but he also discusses the importance of communication among teams. He is a breath of fresh air with such a fun personality. His journey truly is an amazing example of the richness and diversity of the Esri Product team. I am so excited for you to meet Hussein during this episode and I am confident his enthusiasm for his work and life will shine through to the listeners around the globe.


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Melissa is an engineer on the product team focused in applied geography. She can be found hiking and exploring national parks during her travels.

Remi is the Product Manager for the ArcGIS Utility Network and spends his free time exploring the US Southwest desert and California beaches.

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