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Podcast 14 - Melissa Mayo, Esri -Personal growth is derived from new experiences

Melissa Mayo, host of Geospatial Experiences

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I have known Melissa for almost ten years now and she has always approached everything with an intense focus and drive for excellence.  We start this podcast with a recap of the changing face of our customers and the amazing discussions over our first season.  Its so much fun exploring all the personal journeys and how everyone has so much passion and drive to support the evolution of GIS technology.  Diving into Melissa’s experience we discover how emergency response played such a major role in her vision and drive supporting GIS solutions.

Listening to the podcast, its easy to see Melissa’s focus on leadership shine through; as long as I have known her, she excels in supporting people and providing unique insight into solutions that improve the world around her.  My first experience with Melissa was to watch her in action supporting the Alabama Emergency Management Agency (AEMA) through some of the worst restoration activities that I have experienced; her focus on planning and executing those plans was no nonsense yet insightful.  I think that explains a lot about her; from planning to teaching, everywhere she goes, she has that same strong influence to make the world a little better.  Over the past decade, I have had the chance to see her communicate to audiences big and small, watch her mentor her team/students, and support her as a positive force in the field of GIS.

It was so much fun putting her on the hot-seat in this episode, listening to her candid responses, and seeing her passion on display.  I think this episode is a great close out to an inspirational first season. As much as I enjoyed (and I think you did too) this first season, we have more great stories to come in season two. Watch for our posts in mid-August as we launch our next round of incredible guest conversations.

About the authors

Melissa is an engineer on the product team focused in applied geography. She can be found hiking and exploring national parks during her travels.

Remi is the Product Manager for the ArcGIS Utility Network and spends his free time exploring the US Southwest desert and California beaches.

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