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Get started with chat search in ArcGIS for Teams

ArcGIS for Teams is a new product that lets you explore and share web maps, apps, and other ArcGIS content in Microsoft Teams. With ArcGIS for Teams you can add the ArcGIS Maps button to your Teams toolbar, which makes it easy to access your content when and where you need it.

The May 2021 preview release of ArcGIS for Teams allows you to search, view, and share ArcGIS content in Microsoft Teams. Read on for an overview of how to find and open your content with chat search,

Install ArcGIS for Teams to follow along!

Find maps, apps, and more

The Chat tab of ArcGIS for Teams is where you search for public ArcGIS content and, if you’re signed in, content in your organization. Just send a message with your search phrase and ArcGIS for Teams will return the results in the chat.

A good search phrase has three elements: search location, item type, and keywords. This table shows the options for each element. Mix and match from each column to put together your search phrase!

Search location Content type Keywords
Search– Returns all content in ArcGIS Online that you have access to


Search my– Returns content from My Content

Search organization or Search org– Returns content from My Organization




Layers – Includes feature layers, tile layers, map image layers, imagery layers, scene layers, and tables

Files – Includes shapefiles, CSVs, documents, images, and PDFs.

Apps – Includes ArcGIS StoryMaps, ArcGIS Dashboards, ArcGIS Survey123, and ArcGIS Insights

Anything you want!


Search phrase

The search location tells ArcGIS for Teams where you want to look for content. First, start your search phrase with either Search, Search my, or Search org.

Then, say what type of content you’re looking for. Choose from maps, scenes, layers, files, or apps.

Finally, make sure to include keywords to identify the content you’re looking for. The keywords can be place names, topics, or an item’s name. (Tip: as a best practice, making sure that your content has sensible and relevant tags that easily identify it can improve search accuracy.)

Here are some example search phrases and the results they would return:

Once you’ve typed your search phrase into the message box, hit send and ArcGIS for Teams returns your search results in the chat.

Search results in the Chat tab of ArcGIS for Teams

After getting your search results, you can narrow your search by setting additional options – like file type, app, or sharing level – in Refine search.

Refine search options in ArcGIS for Teams

Open and view your content

Back in the search results, click an item’s information button to see the item details. From there, you can open the item. You can also click the item name in the search results to open it. If the content is compatible with ArcGIS for Teams, it will open in the Viewer tab. Otherwise, it will open in your browser.

The Viewer supports maps, layers, scenes, files, ArcGIS Dashboards, ArcGIS Survey123, and ArcGIS StoryMaps.

A map is visible in the Viewer tab

Chat search means that your ArcGIS content is always at your fingertips. It’s never far from your teammates, either! Learn about using ArcGIS for Teams to share ArcGIS content with your teammates in a chat or channel.

Get account and org information

Finding and opening content isn’t the only thing you can do with chat search. If you’re signed in to your ArcGIS account in ArcGIS for Teams, you can also use chat search to get information about your account and organization. Just type Show information into the chat.

Show information command in the Chat tab

The Show information phrase is a great way to quickly monitor your organization and account, or to complete simple org administration tasks without disrupting the flow of your work in Microsoft Teams.

So, what do you think?

That’s an overview of chat search in ArcGIS for Teams! Now you know how to use the ArcGIS Maps button to easily access maps, apps, and more ArcGIS content alongside your everyday conversations.

The May 2021 release of ArcGIS for Teams is a preview. Development on ArcGIS for Teams is ongoing and we want your guidance and feedback to help shape the future of the product. Join us on the Esri Community to let us know how you’re using ArcGIS for Teams and what you’d like to see in future releases!

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