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Announcement: Deprecation of ArcGIS GeoPlanner

ArcGIS GeoPlanner, an extension for ArcGIS Enterprise and ArcGIS Online, is being deprecated.

The final release of ArcGIS GeoPlanner will be the ArcGIS Online June 2024 update. The final release of ArcGIS GeoPlanner in ArcGIS Enterprise was 11.2 released in November 2023. While ArcGIS GeoPlanner will continue to be accessible and supported until it is officially retired, organizations are encouraged to transition away from GeoPlanner.

Why is GeoPlanner being retired?

ArcGIS GeoPlanner was the foundational product for geodesign workflows. With this capability gaining traction and maturing over the years, many of the features in GeoPlanner are now available in other ArcGIS applications. Esri will continue to promote geodesign as a platform-first pattern of use, reducing the need for a specific product like GeoPlanner. Additionally, GeoPlanner was built with ArcGIS API for JavaScript 3.x which is set to retire in July 2024, leaving its core technology unsupported.

What is the recommended transition?

Many GeoPlanner features are now available across the ArcGIS system, either included in your organizational Creator and GIS Professional user types, or through products such as ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Urban, and ArcGIS Pro. Your transition will depend on your workflows. For example, the Suitability Modeler widget in ArcGIS Experience Builder can be used in the place of GeoPlanner’s Modeler tool. Similarly, you can perform analysis in ArcGIS Online Map Viewer in the place of the analysis tools in GeoPlanner.

Note: Any project data such as scenarios, designs, and project webmap layers created using GeoPlanner are stored as ArcGIS items in your organizations content and will remain available for use in other ArcGIS workflows.

Resources will be made available to help you transition your geodesign workflows. Stay tuned!

Additional Information

We understand that this change may raise questions and we are here to support you. Should you need immediate assistance, please contact us at

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