ArcGIS GeoPlanner

ArcGIS GeoPlanner: What's Next

What is ArcGIS GeoPlanner?

GeoPlanner for ArcGIS is a web-based planning and design tool that empowers you to iteratively analyze, design, and evaluate multi-scale scenarios in a collaborative environment.


The Road Ahead…

ArcGIS GeoPlanner’s Strategic Pivot to Support Landscape and Natural Systems Planning:

At its heart, ArcGIS GeoPlanner is a scenario-based planning and design tool. While GeoPlanner will continue to be an applicable tool for supporting urban and land use planning, the application will be making a strategic pivot to focus on landscape and natural systems planning.

Planning with the landscape’s natural characteristics in mind is often an afterthought, GeoPlanner brings this information front and center, therefore allowing users to develop context-specific scenarios for improving the environmental performance of a project.


GeoPlanner will evolve into the go-to application for users engaged in scenario planning related to:


Green Infrastructure planning occurs at all scales, all of which are supported by ArcGIS GeoPlanner.


New Capabilities to Support Environmental Workflows:

With this shift to support landscape and natural systems planning, new capabilities are envisioned to better support environmentally focused workflows including:

Key Performance Indicators provide instantaneous feedback about your design’s performance and impact.



GeoPlanner’s WRO allows you quickly identify favorable locations for a desired use, such as green infrastructure indicated here in green.



Stay tuned for additional updates and other exciting new capabilities coming soon!

About the author

Dr. Perkl is Esri's green infrastructure lead, the industry practice lead for geodesign, the GeoPlanner product manager, and is a senior consultant on the natural resources team in the Professional Services Division. He provides thought leadership throughout Esri and manages a wide portfolio of environmentally focused consulting projects.

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