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New Data Preparation Tools Workshops Available

The ArcGIS Content Team has created new Preparing Data for Community Maps Workshops. The main focus of these workshops are the Community Maps Data Prep Tools. The workshops also introduce students to the Living Atlas of the World, and provide an overview of each step in the Community Maps workflow. These workshops are hands-on oriented, in an effort to simulate the actual process of running the tools on your data. After completion of the workshop, students will understand how to contribute their basemap data layers to the Living Atlas of the World.

The first section, Community Maps Program Overview, provides a brief explanation of the Living Atlas of the World, the Community Maps Program and the Contribution App. Section 101 provides an introduction to the Community Maps Data Prep Tools. It explains where to download the tools and what’s included in the download. It also gives resources for the basemap data layers that can be contributed. It illustrates the Run Me First tool and the anatomy of the majority of the other tools. Finally, it outlines the importance of quality control and the AllLayers.mxd.

Section 201 dives into SQL queries, and gives an in-depth explanation of the RoadCenterline tools. The last section, Section 301, discusses pre and post processing that may need to be completed on the data before or after the tools are run. It also shows how to edit the Community Maps Data Prep Tools so the parameters can be saved in the tool. Finally, it explains how to upload data through the Contribution App, and how the data is processed after it is contributed to Esri Community Maps.

We will be offering instructor-led versions of these free, publically available workshops throughout 2015. They can be taught both in-person and online, and they are approximately four hours in length. Please be sure to check the Living Atlas GeoNet Calendar and follow us on Twitter so you don’t miss any important announcements regarding upcoming workshop offerings!

In addition to the live version, we will be releasing a free, self-paced version of the workshop. This workshop contains the same material as the instructor-led version, but organized for a self-study approach, making it easy for students to access just the sections they want, and refer back to specific topics whenever they need to. For example, if you just want to learn how to save your parameters in the tool, you would just concentrate on Section 301. Information on the self-paced workshop materials can be found on the Support tab of the Community Maps documentation center.

We hope you will join us for these informative, beneficial workshops!

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