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What's New in Configurable Apps (October 2019)

The October 2019 ArcGIS Online update introduces new features and key updates throughout the site.  The same applies for configurable apps, as well as introducing a new app and adding many exciting enhancements to existing apps.  We’ve also addressed various bugs to help stabilize and continue improving your experience across the board.  Check out the highlights for configurable apps below.

Introducing: Nearby

Discover information about what is close to a searched location using Nearby.  Using either an address search or a mouse click on the map, Nearby will return a list of resulting features that are closest to that location via straight line distance.  These results are ranked in order of what is most nearby.  It allows both the app creator and the app user to set and interact with the search distance.

Navigate to one of the results by clicking the directions button for turn by turn directions, which offers multiple travel modes to choose from.  Note: offering directions in the Nearby app requires access to premium/subscriber content.  If you are sharing your app publicly, enable public access via your subscription to the routing service on the General tab in the app’s configuration panel.

Another great feature is the ability to group results by layer.  If your map has multiple layers where search results are pulled from, enable the “Group results by layer” option in the configuration panel.  If enabled, the results will be grouped by layer instead of listed as an entirety of all features within the searched buffer distance from all layers.  And finally, Nearby is optimized for use on both desktop and mobile devices, making it responsive to an array of screen sizes.

Check out our Introducing Nearby blog for a more in depth walk through of this exciting new configurable app.

Enhancements to Attachment Viewer

Review locations, view media attachments, and explore feature information using Attachment Viewer.  This app makes it easy to explore information at the feature level and view details that come from popup information and associated attachments.  The October 2019 update brings along many impactful and exciting enhancements to Attachment Viewer.

Check out our What’s New with Attachment Viewer blog for a deeper look at all of the great new additions.

What’s New in Media Map

Media Map is a great way to showcase your map in web media.  This configurable app offers a basic set of map tools, the ability to limit map scroll for zoom, and an option to view popup content on hover.  It supports use cases of fitting into small spaces but is also functional as a standalone app.  New with this release are the options to add a time slider and interact with layers using a display swipe tool.

Check out our New Functionality Introduced to Media Map blog for all of the details.

Enhancements to Category Gallery

Category Gallery provides a wide variety of ways to filter and sort content from a group.  A great feature is the ability to utilize group categories and organization categories.  Content is displayed in the gallery as a list or grid, and can be opened and explored within the app.  With this release we have added several enhancements to give more control over how content is displayed in the gallery.

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