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New and Updated Basemap Content for Asia and Europe!

Buildings, landscaped gardens, parks and open spaces, neighborhoods, major highways and roads, points of interest, railways, and waterbodies – it’s all included in Esri’s latest basemap release with significant large-scale content for the countries of Japan, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Just in time for the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo, the country of Japan has been updated with new buildings, special areas and points of interest and other key infrastructure that will help support the games, athletes, visitors, and citizens moving forward.

The gallery below shows select areas of these updates.


In the Netherlands, Amsterdam and Rotterdam area parks have been greatly enhanced with large-scale content that includes sidewalks, walking paths, trees, and other amenities.

Switzerland has shared building footprints, sports fields, parks and trees throughout the country.

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Shane is a Senior Product Engineer for Esri's ArcGIS Content Team. He curates and recruits content for the ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World through Esri's Community Maps Program, and explores and implements new and innovative delivery methods of providing geospatial information.

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