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What's New in the Configurable Apps

Several new capabilities and enhancements were added to the configurable apps in the July update. Here are some of the biggest enhancements.

Subscriber Content Setting

This new setting makes it easier to share apps that contain subscriber and premium content publicly. An app that was only viewable by people with an ArcGIS Online subscription can now be shared with anyone. Any credits consumed by the use of premium content will be charged to the organization of the app creator. This configuration is optional and can be disabled at any point, in which case the app will require users to sign in with their organizational account.

This help document further introduces this setting as well as providing a step-by-step guide of how to use it.

Search Setting

We have redesigned the search experience to be more configurable and more powerful. New features include the ability to:

The World Geocoding Service, organization geocode services, and searchable layers from the map will be available and can easily be enabled/disabled in the app configuration. This new experience is included in the Basic Viewer, Elevations Profile, Filter, Edit, Legend, Public Information, Map Tools, Simple Viewer, and Time Aware applications.

This is what the new experience looks like in the configuration panel:

Click  next to the source name to configure the search experience for that source. This pane will display:

Basic Viewer Enhancements

The Basic Viewer has an improved interface and new functionality. New functionality includes the ability to create a subtitle and an enhanced layer list which now supports sublayer toggling. Additionally, the legend, details, and layer list panels now shrink down to fit the size of their content to prevent white space from covering your map.

Addition of Crowdsource apps the Gallery

The Crowdsource Manager and Crowdsource Reporter have been added to the configurable apps gallery. These group-based apps make it easy to crowdsource your data collection.

Group Icon to Distinguish Group Apps

A group-based app icon was added to make it easy to distinguish group-based apps from map-based apps. Notice that the Crowdsource Manager, Crowdsource Reporter, Public Gallery, Maps and Apps Gallery, and Map Carousel all have  in their thumbnails.

New Time Aware App

A new Time Aware app that is more modern and configurable than the older Time Aware app, which has been retired, was added. In this new version, you can now:

Other Improvement to Configurable Apps

While those are the big changes to the configurable apps, we made smaller changes to the overall experience of working with configurable apps as well. You no longer need to scroll to the bottom of the configuration panel to click save or done. Also, you can now create an app from a map that is not shared, which allows you to finalize your app configuration before sharing it with your organization or the public.

We hope you enjoy and make the most of the exciting new features you now have access to.

Written by Chris Fitzpatrick, configurable apps intern.

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