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ArcGIS Pro keyboard shortcuts: the official list

ArcGIS Pro now has an authoritative list of keyboard shortcuts. This is an important resource that you’ve been requesting for some time (you may be familiar with this ArcGIS Ideas item), and we hope it’ll increase your productivity. Here’s a shareable link to the 6-page PDF:

JULY 15 UPDATE: Thanks to those of you who pointed out that this link was malfunctioning. It should now be working. Please reach out to me if you are having any trouble accessing the PDF.

blurred hands typing
I can't officially guarantee that you'll be moving as quickly as these stock photo hands, but you'll definitely save yourself lots of clicking.

Pro has a lot of keyboard shortcuts. Many of them have been documented, but were spread throughout our Help system. A few have never been publicized before.

Instead of creating a single, poster-sized page covered with a stressful amount of 12-point font, we decided to break things up. Shortcuts are organized by functional area on different pages. This allows you some flexibility as to how you want to use this resource, for example:

This is the first version of a resource that will likely evolve and improve over time. We welcome your comments and suggestions. If you’re attending the User Conference, you can come find me or another staff member at the ArcGIS Pro area of the Expo and talk to us in person.

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