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How much does money cost?

If you needed money to consolidate debt, pay for a wedding, take a vacation, fix your home, or cover other expenses, would you apply for an online loan? Millions of people not only would, but already have.

Online Lending
Mapping the Geography of Online Lending

How much do you think you’d pay in interest for that loan? It depends, right? Most of us take for granted that a poor credit score translates directly to higher interest rates. Well, Jonathan Blum, a New York author and GIS-novice, tests this assumption using regression analysis in ArcGIS Pro. He discovers some unexpected and very interesting results.

Would you like to learn about using regression analysis in ArcGIS Pro? If yes, you’re in luck! A story map¬†and new learn lesson are available to help you do it. It follows Jonathan’s analysis. See if reading his story or completing the one-hour tutorial doesn’t inspire you to test some of your own assumptions about correlations. Here are a couple ideas to get you started:

Have fun!

About the author

Dr. Lauren Scott Griffin has worked at Esri since 1986 in various capacities including team lead for Spatial Statistics and, most recently, project lead for Spatial Analysis Community Outreach.


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