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New version of the ArcGIS Pro Performance Assessment Tool (PAT) is now available!

Three years ago, we released the first version of the ArcGIS Pro Performance Assessment Tool, affectionately known around here as “PAT”. We wanted to design a tool that would be an easy-to-use, self-contained, means for benchmarking ArcGIS Pro’s performance on different hardware.

We have been overwhelmed by the positive support from our user community. Almost weekly we hear from you that you’ve deployed PAT in-house on new hardware, and on newly-deployed virtual machines both on-premises and in the cloud. From lightweight laptops to ruggedized hardware, you’ve used this solution to measure how fast ArcGIS Pro performs various critical GIS workflows. In instances where you’ve encountered performance issues, you’ve often been able to troubleshoot and re-run with improved results. Some of you have been gracious to share with us your PAT results.

To continue in our quest to make PAT more useful, we are pleased to announce a new release, version 17. While the underlying tests and expected timings remain exactly the same, we have added some enhancements to the core execution mechanism. Specifically:

With ArcGIS Pro 3.3 now released, and the 2024 Esri User Conference on the way, download and try it for yourself today!


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