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Building the electric network - A story map

The utility network is Esri’s next-generation GIS technology for modeling the complex networks of utility and telecommunications companies. The utility network enables advanced network analysis by more deeply modeling the components of a utility system.  

 This story map, Building the Electric Network, illustrates five common North American electric configurations and how to best model them using a utility network. These configurations are modeled at a high level of detail so that any open fuse, elbow, or switch can be represented. Also, a strategy to simplify the addition of configurations of features to the utility network is discussed.

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Read more about the utility network and the ArcGIS Utility Network Management extension.

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The utility network team blogs about utility industry topics and the functionality available with the ArcGIS Utility Network Management extension. #UtilityNetwork #EsriElectric #EsriGas #SmartGrid


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