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Is your mosaic dataset misplaced?

Did you create a mosaic dataset only to find that one of the mosaic dataset items is not in the correct location? Now in ArcGIS Pro 2.5, you can geoference a mosaic dataset item. Therefore you can geo-position your misplaced raster within your mosaic dataset. This means you can georeference your image without having to reload the data.

In this case, the mosaic dataset of the Willamette River appears to be missing an image.  But upon further inspection, all the items were loaded into the mosaic dataset. However, one of the items seems to be in an incorrect location.

Missing mosaic dataset item

Steps to get your mosaic dataset item in the right place

To georeference a mosaic dataset item, there are three main tasks:
1) Select the mosaic dataset item
2) Georeference the mosaic dataset
3) Update the mosaic dataset

Now that your mosaic dataset has been georeferenced and updated, you can use this mosaic dataset in any of your projects.

georeferenced mosaic dataset item

NOTE: The source has not been updated (only the mosaic dataset). If you need your source to be updated, you can export your georeferenced item and replace the source. To replace the source, overwrite the source imagery with your newly exported raster.

About the author

Simon W

Simon is an Esri product engineer on the Raster team. He works mainly with Pixel Editor, raster visualization, georeferencing, and documentation.

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