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Sci-Fi Contours

Want to make a wicked science-fiction inspired map with contours like this? AWESOME

sci-fi contours

Step one

Grab some contours.


Step two

Add the contours to a Scene in ArcGIS Pro. Nestle them in a 3D Layer.

3D Layer

Step three

Add a basemap like NOVA to enhance the Sci-Fi mood as a 2D Layer.

Nova in Pro

Step four

In the Layer Properties of the contours, navigate to the Elevation tab. Select Features are: At an absolute height. Then in the Additional Feature elevation using portion, select A field and navigate to your field containing the elevation values.

Your contours should now display in 3D!

Layer Properties

Step five

Format the contour line Symbology by selecting a colour, width, and profile type.

Format line symbol

Step six

This is where your contours come to life. Select the Symbology for the contours and navigate over to the Vary symbology by attribute button.


Vary symbology by attribute

Step six

Adjust the transparency, color and size to get your contours looking great.

You can change the transparency to fade the contours below.

Contour fade

You can change the colour scheme to ramp as a glorious rainbow.


You can change the size to add drama to the scene.


Such a fun way to take a map into the future! Play around and make something great.


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