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ArcGIS Bathymetry for Pro new at 3.1 

With the release of ArcGIS Pro 3.1, new bathymetry tools are available in Pro to view, manage, and integrate bathymetric data. The addition of these bathymetry-specific tools will facilitate the visualization and analysis of bathymetric surfaces and depth data within the Pro environment.

Among the new tools are two for the creation and management of a Bathymetric Information System (BIS), and a third tool, BIS To Mosaic Dataset, that can be used to create products and exports from BIS data. These tools join the Reduce Point Density and Smooth Bathymetric TIN tools in the Bathymetry Toolbox. Further support for working with bathymetric data is provided with the Bathymetry web app. The configurable app uses an image service that can be published from the BIS Catalog. Using the image service, you’ll be able to filter and sort gridded bathymetric data and save your filters, rules, and models for integration with the bathymetry tools in ArcGIS Pro.

Altogether, these tools provide a holistic solution for working with bathymetric data by enabling the creation of the information model and the tools to visualize and analyze these datasets. For more information, visit the ArcGIS Bathymetry overview page or, if you already have an ArcGIS Bathymetry license, download and install the product files to get started today.

To connect with other users, visit the ArcGIS Bathymetry community forum.

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Krista Carlson

I am a Product Engineer at Esri responsible for documentation and resources for the Maritime and Bathymetry teams. I enjoy cycling, hiking, and surfing the Oregon coast.

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