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Coronavirus Health Screening Solution Released

The coronavirus pandemic has significantly impacted the workforce of many organizations. As employees return to work and locations reopen to the public, organizations are taking steps to help ensure the safety and public health of all individuals in their facilities. As a result, many organizations are asking all employees and visitors to attest each day that they are symptom-free, have not had recent contact with anyone who has tested positive for coronavirus and require a temperature check before they are permitted to enter the building.

The Coronavirus Health Screening solution can be used by businesses, utilities, and government agencies to conduct coronavirus (COVID-19) health screenings before employees and visitors are permitted to enter a building, facility, or location. The solution can be used to self-report coronavirus symptoms or contact, record the result of a temperature check, and track who was permitted to enter a facility, or location, on a given date.

Self-Report Symptoms or Contact

The Coronavirus Health Screening solution includes an Employee Health Screening survey and Visitor Health Screening survey that allows employees and visitors to self-report symptoms or contact before entering a facility or location. Each day before entering the facility, staff and visitors are asked to fill out the survey and attest that they have not tested postive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days, are not currently experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, and have not been in contact with anyone who has tested positive in the last 14 days. Depending on their responses the person will be instructed to remain home or be allowed to proceed to the building check in for a temperature check.

Some organizations may choose to have employees or visitors perform their own temperature checks and record the result using the health screening survey. This would eliminate the need for a health screener to perform a temperature check prior to entering the facility. Follow these steps to expose a temperature check question in the health screening surveys.

Perform a Temperature Check

If the employee or visitor passes the initial screening form their name will display in the Health Screening Dashboard where a health screener can perform a temperature check and record the result. The health screener can find their name under the temperature check list, open the Temperature Check survey, and record the result. A temperature less than 100.4 is not considered a fever and will result in a message that the individual is permitted to enter. Otherwise a message will be displayed that they are not permitted to enter. The Health Screening Dashboard refreshes every 15 seconds and once it refreshes the individual will be removed from the temperature check list and display in either the admit or rejected list depending on the result of the temperature check.

Monitor Health Screenings

Based on the responses in the health screening and temperature check surveys the Health Screening Dashboard lists individuals who have passed or failed the screening. This information can be used by a health screener to determine who is permitted to enter the facility that day and gives the organization a history of employees and visitors who were admitted to their facilities. If it is later found that someone, who was in the facility, has tested positive for COVID-19 the organization can filter by a date and location to produce a list of people who were also in the facility at the same time and share with the Health Department to assist in Contact Tracing.

Additional Resources

Coronavirus Health Screening is part of larger collection of ArcGIS Solutions that will help your organization get “back to work”.  The solutions help you understand the capacity of your workforce, track the status of your facilities, evaluate how cases and health restrictions may impact reopening, develop and monitor health safety plans, and conduct health screenings when a facility does reopen.

Learn more about the coronavirus solutions and how you can quickly deploy these solutions on the ArcGIS Solution site.  For questions and feedback, chat with us on GeoNet or contact Esri Support Services.

Finally, Esri is providing several resources to help organizations combat the coronavirus.  The COVID-19 GIS Hub is the place to access additional resources and to request GIS assistance from Esri.

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Scott is the ArcGIS Solutions Director and also leads the development of ArcGIS Solutions for State and Local Governments. He has been with Esri since 2008.


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