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Deprecation of Classic Locator for ArcGIS Business Analyst for ArcMap

Geocoding is a powerful tool that lets you turn descriptions of a place such as coordinates, addresses, or place names to a precise location on a map. This key capability is one of the many foundational tools included in the ArcGIS Business Analyst Desktop bundle.

As of this writing (year 2021), the annual U.S. data release for ArcGIS Business Analyst Desktop supports two versions of geocoding data: one for ArcMap (classic locator) and another for ArcGIS Pro (new locator). Starting with the annual data release in Q3 2022, the U.S. data for ArcGIS Business Analyst Desktop will not include the classic locator for ArcMap, and geocoding will need to be completed in ArcGIS Pro.

The new ArcGIS Pro locator is the latest generation of geocoding data, which has been available as part of the U.S. data release for ArcGIS Business Analyst Desktop since 2019. The new locator was created out of Esri’s continued commitment to accuracy, efficiency, and performance and in response to our users who have been requesting smaller data size and improved accuracy.


Benefits of the New Locator in ArcGIS Pro

There are three key reasons why you should start using the new locator in ArcGIS Pro today:

    1. Improved matching logic. The new locator is better at handling misspelled words or other errors in your data, which will result in a higher percentage of matches. For example, geocoding in ArcGIS Pro supports many address types (e.g. single line addresses) that do not match well in classic locators.
    2. Ability to batch geocode points of interest (POI) data. The new locator can be used to bulk match additional data types such as place names, postal codes, or a combination of these values.
    3. Superior performance. ArcGIS Pro is a 64-bit application that can supercharge bulk geocoding for faster processing time. Take advantage of advanced options to tune geocoding performance using computers with multiple cores or threads.

Other improvements include:

For expanded details on key highlights above, you can explore this blog.

We hope this blog helps improve geocoding experience for you and your team. For additional questions, please reach out to our team at



About the authors

Helen Brown is a Senior Product Manager for ArcGIS Business Analyst. She thrives on prioritizing problems and delivering market-level value through scalable, intuitive products.

Kyle is a Principal Product Engineer with Esri - focusing on geospatial technologies and applied demographics. He is part of a global team responsible for building next generation ArcGIS Business Analyst applications.

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