Kyle Watson

Kyle is a Lead Product Engineer with Esri - focusing on geospatial technologies and demographics to develop next generations of ArcGIS Business Analyst apps - used by organizations to discover patterns and predict change.

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Seed Points return to Territory Design

The Seed Points feature is added to ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro's Territory Design. You can now control where your territories start.

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Deprecation of Classic Locator for ArcGIS Business Analyst for ArcMap

Starting with the Q3 2022 U.S. data release for ArcGIS Business Analyst Desktop, the classic locator will not be provided for ArcMap.

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The Ultimate ArcGIS Business Analyst 2021 Esri UC Resources List

A list of new features resources from the ArcGIS Business Analyst team to support our users at the 2021 Esri UC.

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Scenario planning enhancements in Territory Design

Enhancements to reassigning territories in Territory Design.

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How to stop leaving Michigan’s Upper Peninsula off of maps

Highlighting new Territory Design features that accommodate non-adjacent polygons by using the new Buffer Tolerance parameter.

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Data-driven trade areas with Arcade expressions

Customize data-driven trade area workflows by controlling your input parameters using Arcade expressions in ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro.

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Remove Overlap in ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro

This is a brief overview of the Remove Overlap tool now available in the ArcGIS Business Analyst extension for ArcGIS Pro.

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Target Marketing Enhancements in ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro

This blog is a brief overview of Target Marketing enhancements now available in the ArcGIS Business Analyst extension for ArcGIS Pro.

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COVID-19 Testing Locations: Site Location Automation

A spatial approach for location allocation site selection modeling to assess potential COVID-19 mass testing locations.

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