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What's Coming in ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App (June 2021)

This article includes schedule information such as dates, release numbers, or scope that could change without notice. Customers and partners are advised not to make business or purchasing decisions based on such forward-looking statements.

ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App is a location intelligence product that bundles ready-to-use geospatial data, maps, and workflows to help you make data-driven decisions. It allows you to create visually compelling pre-made content such as infographics you can create within minutes of signing up for a purchase or a trial.

The upcoming June 2021 release of the ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App, Mobile App, and Community Analyst via Online subscription includes:

Continue reading for key highlights for the upcoming June 2021 release.


Esri U.S. Demographics Data Update

The June 2021 release will include the new 2021/2026 Esri U.S. demographic data updates. This dataset includes updated demographic data, consumer spending, Tapestry segmentation (with updated names), market potential, business locations and summary data, and updated Esri basemaps.

With the data, we will also include a new capability to update data for custom infographics.

Simplified Workflows

Another key update will include simplified workflows for Color-Coded Maps, Smart Map Search, and Suitability Analysis, so you can get to your insights faster. Each workflow will include a default variables list that an ArcGIS Administrator can pre-define for your entire organization to use.

Simplified Workflows
Once you launch the Color-coded map workflow (left), simply click on one of the pre-populated Popular variables. One-click launches the map and data filters (right).
Popular Variables Setting
As an ArcGIS Administrator, you can customize the Popular variables list from Preferences > Maps settings.

If your organization has a common list of variables, this can be accessed as soon as an individual user logs in and can be updated by the ArcGIS Administrator as data needs change. For individual users, this enhancement will make workflows much faster and with fewer clicks.

Advanced Bundle Product Release

A new product bundle is also planned for the June 2021 release. Going forward, new users will have the option to purchase the Advanced bundle. The new Advanced bundle will provide access to ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App Advanced, ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro (extension to ArcGIS Pro), and ArcGIS Pro Basic via subscription to Online data.

Improved ArcGIS Dashboards Workflow

The past March 2021 release included a new workflow to integrate infographics to ArcGIS Dashboards. Per numerous requests, this June release will include an enhancement to allow multiple infographics to show up in ArcGIS Dashboards. We hope this makes sharing your insights even easier.

multiple infographics
Select a site and add multiple infographics in the upcoming enhancements of infographics to ArcGIS Dashboards workflow in ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App Advanced.


ArcGIS Business Analyst Mobile App Enhancements

ArcGIS Business Analyst Mobile App provides instant access to key data, reports, and infographics while you are out on the field. For sales or district representatives who need to access data while hosting site meetings with stakeholders, the mobile app comes in handy to help answer location-specific questions.

The upcoming June release will include the following key improvements:


Other Data Updates

Other key data updates will include the Michael Bauer Research data for eight new countries and regions and a new geography scale in Mexico, and updates to Esri France, Esri Australia, and U.S. traffic points and business locations data.

We hope you look forward to the new and updated data and workflow enhancements in ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App’s upcoming June 2021 release.

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