Business Analyst Online - What's New in March 2015

We’ve recently updated Business Analyst Online with some minor bug fixes as well as the following: 

New drive time areas are more detailed and faster to create.
Business Analyst Online has been updated with a new drive time algorithm to provide better performance, more detail and consistency with how drive times are generated across the platform. This update implements Esri’s latest technology for calculating drive times.

Improved quality of custom logos.
When adding logos to Standard Reports, the image quality has been improved.  Your custom logos will now be clearer with better quality for reports.

New reports for Australia and Spain.
These six new reports are available for Australia and can be run for ring, drive times, bands and polygon sites.

These three new reports are available for Spain and can be run for ring, drive times, bands and polygon sites.

For more information on this data, read our blog about New Advanced Data for Spain, Germany and Australia.

About the author

Donna is a Product Engineer on the Business Analyst Team. She is passionate about helping users learn how to apply the application to solve problems and make smarter decisions.

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