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The April update of Community Analyst is here! This update brings several enhancements including the new options for using point layers in Suitability Analysis, more streamlined experience with ArcGIS Online for finding and adding ArcGIS content, and improvements for the Build Infographics and New Comparison Reports workflows.

Here are the highlights:

Compare Locations Visually and Interactively

Create and organize custom comparison reports more easily. Use a good performing location as a benchmark to evaluate other locations against it. Create multi-variable charts and more informative visualizations in just a few clicks. Learn more.

Add ArcGIS Content More Efficiently

Easily find and add content from ArcGIS Online including the maps and layers you own, from groups, organization, and Living Atlas, as well as publicly available. Use various filtering, sorting, and search options and get a content browsing experience consistent with what it is in ArcGIS Online. Learn more.

You will also notice that the More Maps button will be replaced by a Basemaps icon to provide an easier way for changing basemaps. The experience of adding data from ArcGIS Online will continue to be available from the Add Data menu along with other options for bringing data in Community Analyst.

Use New Options for Competitive Locations in Suitability Analysis

Use distance to nearest competitor and attributes from the competition layer e.g. sales, number of employees, size of business when factoring-in competitive locations. Optimize suitability analysis with improved competitive landscape input around your sites.

Create Custom Variables from Your Own Data

Calculate derived variables from your own data variables which are brought in using the Custom Data Setup workflow. For example, let’s say you have crime data from the city (e.g. crime assault, crime burglary etc.) added in Community Analyst as custom data. You can create a custom variable by adding various crime variables to determine the total crime.

Use More Customization Options in Infographics

Global Data Updates

This release includes data updates for several countries:

Learn more on the Esri Demographics page.

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