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Configurable Apps Announcement – Apps Scheduled to move to Mature Support Phase December 2020

In the upcoming December 2020 release of ArcGIS Online, 15 configurable app templates will move into the Mature phase of the Product Lifecycle  and will be removed from the default Configurable Apps Gallery.  See the table below for details and the recommended alternative to those moving to mature support.

Mature Support Recommended Alternative
Map Styler Media Map or Minimalist
Scene Styler 3D Viewer (coming December 2020)
Directions Nearby
Local Perspective Nearby
Information Lookup Zone Lookup
Experience Builder or

Web AppBuilder

Edit Web AppBuilder
Live Maps none
Time Aware Media Map or New Time app (coming March 2021)
Simple Scene Viewer  3D Viewer (coming December 2020)
3D Data Visualization Web AppBuilder 3D Fx widget
Public Information Media Map
Impact Summary TBD
Summary Viewer Dashboard
Scene with Inset Map 3D Viewer (coming December 2020)

To migrate to the recommended alternative App, find the map or group that your original app was built with and create a new app using the new configurable app.  See these help topics for more details on creating an app from a map or from a group.

What does the Mature Phase of a configurable application template mean?


Can I still create apps from these templates even after they are moved to the mature phase?


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