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Open Data at the Esri UC 2016

The Open Data team are looking forward to meeting everyone at the 2016 Esri User Conference, and this year we’re bringing some special guests! Open Data is continuing to be a popular topic across the technology sector in 2016, and at this year’s Esri User Conference in San Diego we will be hosting a variety of technical sessions and demo theaters, as well as open hours in the conference expo where you can meet the developers behind the software!

Whether you are formally already sharing open data or not, the sessions outlined below will provide you with the information you need to not only get started but will cover best practices, what’s coming, and how to define an open data strategy.  Not only will we teach you the technical ins and outs of open data, we’ll also send you back with enough knowledge to save your organization tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. With all that saving, you will quickly become the hero your community needs!


Technical Workshops

The 75 minute technical sessions below are designed to take a deeper dive into the software, where we also explain the concepts and workflows to launch your organization into the forefont of open data. Feel free to bring your questions and follow up with our speakers after the presentation!

ArcGIS Online: Getting Started with Open Data

Open Data is more than a request for government transparency and accountability, but a larger movement to educate our society through applications and analysis. Organizations around the world are sitting on treasure troves of data with enormous potential waiting to be unlocked. ArcGIS Open Data is a capability of ArcGIS Online that allows your organization to open your authoritative data to a world of possibilities, right from the source. This session will explore the features of ArcGIS Open Data and cover the steps to prepare your data for public access, organizing it in ArcGIS Online, and configuring an Open Data site. Finally, we’ll cover how to leverage this new resource and how to engage your community.

ArcGIS Online: Developing an Open Data Strategy

This session will focus on thinking beyond creating an Open Data portal, and discuss how to improve the quality of your community by amplifying the impact of your data. Listen to speakers from the Department of Homeland Security on the release of HIFLD data, and Paige Fitzgerald from Waze about public-private partnerships.


Demo Theater

We also offer 30 minute Demo sessions, where we focus on a particular workflow to showcase what can be done with the software. Back by popular demand we have a session on integrating your open data catalogs, as well as the highly acclaimed Community Engagement session!

Best Practices for Working with ArcGIS Open Data

Come learn a series of tips and tricks to prepare your organization, data, and sites to effectively share Open Data with your community. This is Open Data gold!

Engaging Your Community with Open Data

While Open Data itself can be about transparency, at a greater scale it’s about building a better and more informed society. Come learn how organizations around the world engage with their communities to turn data into knowledge, after unlocking the data they work with everyday.

How to Federate ArcGIS Open Data Catalogs

This session will discuss how you can federate your ArcGIS Open Data catalog with other agencies or sites who use CKAN such as Also find out how open data from other platforms can be brought into ArcGIS and used in your Organization.



Civic Engagement and Technology Special Interest Group

As you will learn sharing your open data and setting up a site is just the beginning. Join us Wednesday night from 5:30pm-7:00pm for the Civic Engagement and Technology SIG. In this session you will hear how one organization is working with Mapillary to crowd source street level photos around the community, building an open data community from city, county, to developers, and then hear a special presentation from Paige Fitzgerald from Waze on how public-private partnerships are changing the face of technology and improving communities.


Other Sessions:

Open Data is becoming pervasive, and critical to the workflows  of many different organizations. As your love for open data grows, please consider checking out these other sessions!


We hope to see you in San Diego!

♥ from the Open Data team



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Andrew is the Lead Product Manager of the ArcGIS for Microsoft 365 product, that consists of ArcGIS components for Excel, Power BI, SharePoint, Teams, Power Automate and Power Apps. If you have any questions, always feel free to reach out and he will help.

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