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What's New in ArcGIS Open Data for June 2016

ArcGIS Open Data was renamed to ArcGIS Hub on June 28, 2017.

June sees a huge release for ArcGIS Open Data. We are rolling out new beta sites for users to try out and see how we are moving forward, as well as new features to (also available now to administrators that set up beta sites), and the highly-anticipated arrival of support for file geodatabase downloads.

Beta Sites 

You may have noticed that has seen some changes in the past few months – a slightly different user interface, greater search capabilities, an API Explorer, and more, some of which were outlined in our April release blog post. The launch of custom beta sites sees the initial roll out of these new features to local sites. Beta sites also have an improved site editor, which is the result of thorough pattern analysis and a review of administrator’s current pain points when creating an Open Data site. You can read more about beta sites over on GeoNet and give them a whirl by logging into the administrative app, clicking “Try Beta Site,” and moving through the editor.

site editor
When building a new beta site, you’ll see this pre-filled site template in your site editor. You can modify it or remove it to start from scratch.

Story Map Integration

A new feature this month for both and the aforementioned beta sites is integration with Story Maps — citizens can now take their dataset of interest from an Open Data site and launch it directly into a Story Map builder. Here, they can go through the Story Map workflow of editing their web map, adding text and other multimedia components, and sharing it with the web. We’re working on ways for these resulting Story Maps to become Connected Content so that other citizens can access these insights and leverage the knowledge of their neighbors.

Story map link
Clicking “Create a Story Map” will launch users into the Story Map builder, where they can modify the map and all multimedia to create their data narratives.

File Geodatabase Downloads

We’re thrilled to offer support for file geodatabase downloads. This feature is available on all sites –, custom beta sites, and the custom sites on the web today. File geodatabase downloads are offered for hosted feature services that have enabled the export data capability. We’ve already seen some of these in the wild! There is information in the documentation on how to enable file geodatabase downloads for your hosted services.

File Geodatabase download option
All hosted feature services that allow data export will have “File Geodatabase” under “Additonal Resources” in the download button.

We hope you take a peek at the beta sites and explore the new capabilities offered for custom sites. We absolutely welcome and encourage your feedback on anything and everything – we’ll be monitoring and participating in our ArcGIS Open Data space on GeoNet. In the next few months you’ll see a new administrative experience and some surprises for the public users! Follow along with us on the ArcGIS Blog.

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