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Military Overlay Template Released for ArcGIS Pro 1.2

Military Overlay is a Defense Solutions template being released with ArcGIS Pro 1.2 that enables analysts, planners, and other members of the military community to quickly create and share operational plans using the MIL-STD-2525D joint standard military symbology. By using this template, you will be able to quickly create overlays while still adhering to the specifications of the standard. The template leverages the ArcGIS Pro Dictionary Renderer, which enables the creation of multilayer symbology based on several attributes of a feature. In addition, many feature templates are contained in the template, which enable the quick creation of pre-symbolized features. These feature templates are available for each feature class in the military overlay geodatabase. Examples of feature classes and feature templates included are those for military air, land units, sea, and control measure features.



Once your overlay is created, you can share it within your organization by sharing images, project files, or web services. For instance, high-quality images can be saved using the layout view, or the overlay can be published as hosted web layers, which can be viewed and edited by others using only web clients. By enabling sharing overlays in a hosted web environment using ArcGIS 10.4 for Server and Portal for ArcGIS, you can collaborate with anyone in your organization that has a web browser. With this workflow, the overlays can be disseminated quickly, updated dynamically, and informed decisions can be made.

To help guide you through the process of creating and sharing a Military Overlay, the template uses ArcGIS Pro’s Task framework to provide a set of built-in steps. In addition, the template has accompanying documentation on the ArcGIS Solutions website. The Military Overlay template provides a solution for those that want to create and share operational plans while maintaining the specification and interoperability of 2525D Military Symbology. The template is available for download here.

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