Electric & Gas Utilities

April 2016 Local Government, State Government & Utilities Solutions Updates

During the April 2016 ArcGIS Solutions Release 2 new Solution Products were added to ArcGIS, 16 Solution Products were updated and 1 Solution Product moved to the Mature Lifecycle Phase.

New Solution Products

Retail Store Locator helps telecommunications companies inform people about the location of retail stores and authorized resellers.  Users can also learn about store hours and services offered.

Wireless Network Viewer simplifies deploying a searchable map of network assets to all staff on any device.

Updated Solution Products

As-Built Editing and Analysis was renamed from As-Built Editing because the solution enables both editing and analytic capabilities for gas utilities.  Now includes the ability to publish in-memory trace results to a feature service.   Map documents and sample datasets were updated to include transmission and gathering systems.

Gas Facility Maps added a Gas Pressure Map to view pipes by operating pressure and a Gas Distribution Map to view all network assets.

Model Organization for Wireless, Model Organizations for Wireline and Cable, Model Organization for Gas Utilities, Model Organization for Water Utilities and Model Organization for Electric Utilities now include the most current ArcGIS Online services for demographics and land use.

Support for federated ArcGIS for Server services were added to:

CCTV Processor fixed bugs.

Network Trace and Service Feasibility widgets included in ArcGIS Solutions Web AppBuilder Widgets have been certified on Web AppBuilder (Developer Edition) 2.0.

Product Lifecycle Changes

Upsell Analysis moved to the Mature Lifecycle Phase.


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Howard leads the Esri team developing ArcGIS Solutions for electric, gas, water, sewer, stormwater, communications, renewables, and district heating and cooling.

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