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February 2016 Local Government, State Government, Emergency Management, Water, Gas and Electric Solution Updates

At the end of February, 5 new solution products were added to ArcGIS, 26 existing solution products were updated and 1 solution product entered the Mature lifecycle phase.

Solution products included with ArcGIS are ready-to-use maps and apps that reduce the time and complexity to solve common business problems.  ArcGIS currently includes over 350 ready-to-use maps and apps.  These ready-to-use maps and apps are available for free and technical support is included with Esri Maintenance.

New Solution Products

Vision Zero assists local governments to collect data from the general public about transportation hazards and dangerous traffic behaviors.  Data from Vision Zero can be used as part of a local government’s comprehensive strategy to reduce roadway fatalities and injuries.

Blight Status helps local governments monitor the status of blight complaints and track efforts made to reduce blighted properties.

Residential Comp Finder empowers local governments to publish an app that assists citizens, real estate agents and appraisers to find comparable sales and related property information.

Hazard Assessment and Analysis helps emergency management staff to map and analyze hazards and potential impacts.

Transportation 511 enables State Departments of Transportation to inform the general public about roadway status, accidents and incidents.

Updated Solution Products

Election Results, Early Voting and  Election Polling Places can now be fully deployed through an ArcGIS Online subscription as the necessary widgets and theme are now incorporated into Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS.

Public Notification was previously named Land Use Public Notification. The name change reflects that this product can be used for any public notification workflow which requires identifying properties within a given distance to a subject property and generating a list.

Local Government Scenes now includes workflows and tools to publish LOD2 buildings and create a Schematic Local Government Scene.

User interfaces for Crowdsource Reporter and Crowdsource Manager have been simplified. Crowdsource Polling received performance enhancements.  All of the Crowdsource products now use version 3.16 of the ArcGIS API for Javascript.

Community Addresses and Community Parcels support ArcGIS Pro.

Environmental Impact supports secured services.

Water Quality Monitoring includes new water quality status symbology.

Event Locator, Park and Recreation Locator, Shelter Locator, Water Access Locator and Wildlife Management Area Locator now have the ability to set search location by clicking on the map, define search buffer distance with a slider and clear search results from the search panel.  Yes/No values for activity searching are now configurable items in the configure.js file.

Water Utility Network Editing and Analysis was previously named Water Utility Network Editing. The name change reflects that this product enables enhanced editing and data analysis capabilities for water, sewer and stormwater utility networks.  The Attribute Assistant and Water Network Editing Add-Ins were updated introducing the option to return isolation trace results as a set of in-memory group layers and the ability to batch load barriers.

Capital Improvement Planning has an updated Capital Planning Add-In.

Nighttime Flow Analysis has an updated Attribute Assistant Add-In and updated Automated Setup & Reporting Tools.  The Append Data to Feature Service model has new parameters and capabilities to work across multiple versions.

Utility Isolation Trace and Illicit Discharge Trace have an updated Network Trace widget, which supports Web AppBuilder (Developer Edition) 1.3.

Customer Complaints includes the latest version of Automated Setup & Recording Tools.

As-Built Editing and Analysis includes the most recent update of the Attribute Assistant Add-In. Included sample data was updated to the current UPDM schema.

Facility Reports for Gas Distribution fixed an issue with reporting year.  Includes updated Automation Setup & Reporting Tools.  Sample data was updated to the current UPDM schema.

Leak Survey Collector now allows photo attachment of sketches to be added to a leak.  Bar hole and dimensions have been removed to deliver a better users experience and streamline data collection.

Product Lifecycle Changes

Citizen Service Request moved to Mature Support.

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Howard leads the Esri team developing ArcGIS Solutions for electric, gas, water, sewer, stormwater, communications, renewables, and district heating and cooling.

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