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What’s New with ArcGIS for Local Government, State Government, Emergency Management, Water, Gas and Telecommunications – June 2016

At the June 2016 ArcGIS Solutions Release 38 new Solution Products were added to ArcGIS, 64 Solution Products were updated, 5 Solution Products moved to the Mature Lifecycle Phase and 3 Solution Products retired.

New Solution Products

Address Field Verification enables field staff to collect and validate address information.

Administrative Area Data Management helps create and maintain administrative area data  sets such as political boundaries, school districts, school attendance zones, voting precincts and the like.

Capital Project Tracking streamlines tracking and sharing capital project information with stakeholders.

Community Mitigation enables submittal, management and tracking of mitigation projects and plans.

Crash Analysis facilitates better roadway safety decisions through analysis of crash data and production of crash risk maps.

Environmental Analysis helps understand the impact of development and projects on the natural environment.

Events Coordination streamlines the event permit review process.

Events Map Gallery provides a single destination for the public to find event site maps.

Events Permit enables event organizers to submit an event permit application via a web browser.

Events Permit Review helps government agencies review pending event permit applications.

Events Site Map  creates site maps to accompany event permit applications.

Hazard Vulnerability Assessment enables emergency management organizations to assess vulnerability and exposure by mapping community and government owned assets and infrastructure.

Historical Election Results Gallery helps the public find and view past election results.

Mosquito Adulticide Planning captures planned spray locations for sharing with field staff, reports on spraying history and maintains the location of spraying exclusion areas.

Mosquito Field Operations enables field staff to inspect mosquito activity reports submitted by the public and document catch basin inspections.

Mosquito Health Concerns tracks locations where mosquitos, chickens, other birds or humans have tested positive for vector-borne disease.

Mosquito Larvicide Reporting helps field staff record sites where larvicide has been applied and log site tests.

Mosquito Population Surveillance enables field staff to record mosquito counts at test sites and visualize trends.

Mosquito Service Request empowers the public to report mosquito activity and locations of potential breeding sites.

Mosquito Spray Areas lets the public see the location of recent and planned mosquito spray areas.

Mosquito Spray Exclusions gives property owners the ability to request exclusion from mosquito spraying using a web form.

Permit Dashboard monitors the permitting process and reports on permit status and other permit related information.

Repeat and Near Repeat Analysis enables law enforcement agencies to analyze crime patterns to support crime mitigation activities.

Review Proposed Developments helps local government staff view proposed development projects in 3D and analyze impacts to viewsheds.

School Locator lets the public lookup schools serving a location.

Wildlife Photo Survey facilitates identification of wildlife using photos and helps understand wildlife distribution and behavior.

Updated Solution Products

Added tooltips for left and right address number previews, the ability to auto increment multiple site address from a single address point and the ability to write unique centerline IDs to new address points in Address Data Management

As-Built Editing and Analysis was updated to the most recent version of the Attribute Assistant Add-In.  Outage workflow now includes counts of valves and customers in the isolation area.

Birth Outcomes Briefing, Environmental Impact Briefing, and Crash Risks Briefing migrated from Briefing Book based configurations to Story Maps.

Squashed bugs in Community Addresses and Community Parcels.

Core Maps now includes additional fiber network structure and asset layers.

Crash Analysis migrated to ArcGIS Pro.

Crowdsource Reporter supports multi-layer basemaps.  Added ability to draw locations of reports in the map or the form.  Added options to disable anonymous access, display non-editable layers with each editable layer and store location of report by search term, reverse geocode or coordinates.

Crowdsource Manager supports multi-layer basemaps.  Added ability to edit related records, updated attributes for multiple features and can filter map and table with a filter value or time slider.

Crowdsource Polling improved mobile device messaging.  Added option to display help window as a splash screen.

Early Voting removed Near Me widget and Plateau theme.

Election Polling Places removed District Lookup widget and Plateau theme.

Election Results  removed Related Table Charts widget and Plateau theme

Environmental Impact was renamed Environmental Screening and the locate button was hidden by default.

Facility Reports for Gas Distribution, Facility Reports for Gas Gathering and Facility Reports for Gas Transmission had bug fixes, new sample data and parameter updates.

Locate button was disabled by default for Events Calendar, Live Work Locate and Residential Comp Finder.

Updated reporting scripts and publishing workflows for Executive Dashboard.

Illicit Discharge Trace updated to the most recent version of the Network Trace widget, which includes support for Web AppBuilder (Developer Edition) 2.0.

Local Government Information Model  was updated.  Refer to the detailed release notes.

Local Government Scenes now includes workflows and tools to publish LOD3 buildings and a Realistic Local Government Scene.  Added support for vault and dome roofs and a task to modify elevations around buildings in the Schematic Scene workflow.

Logistics Planning, Operations Response, and Situational Awareness Viewer added Group Counts to display count of features in incidents area grouped by a user specified field.  Existing features can now be set as active incidents on mobile devices.  The Situational Awareness widget retains current state when other widgets open.

The Maps and App Gallery had interface and layout improvements.

My Government Services,  My Hazard Information and My Health Services replaced old JavaScript apps with new Web AppBuilder based apps.

Nighttime Flow Analysis was updated to the most recent version of the Attribute Assistant Add-In.  Automated Setup now publishes the Sub-DMA Status Updater application.

Schema updates to Outage Viewer adding relationships and additional fields to support trace results.

Photo Survey has new data input capabilities, can display images associated with questions in the survey panel, includes the option to display an overview map and photo processing enhancements.

Public Land Survey Editing and Tax Parcel Editing include the latest release of the Attribute Assistant Add-In and an updated Fabric information model.

Shelter Locator includes symbols for all supported shelter statuses.

Site Selector works on smart devices, updates the map to reflect search and filter results, supports PDFs and other attachment types and has an enhanced download menu.

Incident Analysis Viewer was renamed Situational Awareness Viewer.

Transportation 511 has the option to display count of features for each layer, ability to group features by a field, and enhancements to the Overwrite script and Info Summary Widget.

Utility Isolation Trace has updated geoprocessing models and information model.  Now supports Web AppBuilder (Developer Edition) 2.0.

Water Utility Network Editing and Analysis updated to the most recent version of the Attribute Assistant Add-In and had information model updates.

Product Lifecycle Changes

Leak Survey Mobile Map moved to the Mature Lifecycle Phase.

Special Event Planning moved to the Mature Lifecycle Phase.

Water Utility Mobile Map moved to the Mature Lifecycle Phase.

All configurations of the Briefing Book moved to the Retired Lifecycle Phase.

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