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What's New Esri Demographics - June 2024

This June, Esri Demographics will continue to deliver US and global data offerings built to empower users with the facts they need. The year’s most anticipated data release will also feature new data for the US that covers the labor market, Time Series data, boundaries for the US and Puerto Rico, and new Connnecticut county-equivalent geographic units.

Users in search of global data will have access to data for 27 countries across Europe, and new demographic data from Japan.

Esri’s demographic data is available through the following delivery mechanisms:  ArcGIS GeoEnrichment service, ArcGIS Business Analyst (web app and Pro), ArcGIS Insights, ArcGIS for Excel, ArcGIS for Power BI, and as data files.


Updated Data for the June 2024 release includes the following:

Get a copy of the June 2024 release notes.

New Connecticut Boundary Data

Demographic data users have long requested access to boundaries that represent the census’s new CT county-equivalent geographic units. Starting this June, Esri will offer CT boundary data that will reflect the change in the number of counties from eight to nine geographical units. This will allow for greater accuracy for users of CT Census/ACS (American Community Survey) data.

New and old Connecticut counties
Old Connecticut counties (left). New Connecticut planning regions featuring new geographies (right).

New and Updated Market Potential Variables

Esri combines the latest Tapestry Segmentation data with the American Consumer 2023 Doublebase survey from MRI-Simmons to create its Market Potential database. There will be new variables and updated variables included in the release that can help users understand demand and where potential consumers may be located.

BA Data Browser. New variables,
Sampling of new variables as they appear in ArcGIS Business Analyst web app

Analyze the US Labor Market by Race

Esri’s new Labor force by race variables will allow users to dig more deeply into the US labor market. The new variables included in the June release segment the labor market by racial and ethnicity categories to help users analyze workforce development and employment patterns.

Labor force by Race variables
New Labor force by Race variables

Global Data Details

Standard Demographics for 25 Countries in Europe:

Albania, Andorra, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Hungary, Iceland, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Monaco, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia. (Updated to 2023 demographic data)


Advanced Demographics for Japan:


Advanced Demographics for France:

Visit the Esri Demographics documentation page to learn more about global data offerings.

Hear from Our Demographers

Read the latest blog from our Chief Demographer on refreshed age -based variables for June 2024.


Get Started

Esri Demographics are accessible in various formats from Esri:

ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Pro

Use Enrich Layer to append location-based data to points, lines, or areas.


ArcGIS Business Analyst

Identify sites and evaluate markets with ArcGIS Business Analyst, demographic mapping software.


ArcGIS Location Platform

Enhance workflows and apps with the ArcGIS GeoEnrichment Service. Enrich data with additional location-based information about people and places in a specific area.


Reports and Data

Just need a report? Buy Esri Reports

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