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Gateways to using ArcGIS

In the weeks following the User Conference I find myself incredibly inspired by the breadth of GIS work being done, both within Esri and by so many users.  As new products and updates are launched, knowing where to start learning and incorporating their capabilities and workflows can be very beneficial to your project and organization.  A basic search will return information on any product or update, but there are many other resources that can help you dive in.

If you are new to web GIS and curious about how to apply geographic concepts to your data, The ArcGIS Book, in print, as a PDF, and online is a fantastic place to start. The online version of the book is interactive and is your guide to the essentials of cartography, storytelling with maps, geographic data, spatial analysis, 3D mapping, spatial apps, mobile GIS, real-time dashboards, and the social importance of GIS.

All the lessons included within The ArcGIS Book are available on the Learn website, which includes additional guided lessons based on real-world problems. These lessons use applications across the ArcGIS platform, from Collector and Operations Dashboard, to ArcMap, ArcGIS Online, and ArcGIS Pro.

ArcGIS Pro 1.1 was released in July, so if you’re looking to download Pro, update your existing version, or learn more about the application, check out pro.arcgis.com for the most recent and comprehensive documentation. In addition to the conceptual and reference material for all functionality, there are quick-start tutorials and videos that help you discover workflows within the application.

Get Started with ArcGIS Pro

If you already have these resources bookmarked, don’t forget Esri offers many training courses for ArcMap, ArcGIS Pro, and Online- many of which are free!

If you are comfortable using ArcGIS and you’re looking for more resources to add to your projects, take a look at the Living Atlas, one of the largest collections of useful geographic information that has ever been assembled. Here, data covering thousands of topics has been curated from individual users and organizations using ArcGIS Online. You can even contribute your own content too!

If you’re looking to jump start your projects by building on map and app templates, another resource is the Solutions gallery. You’ll find a variety of templates to fit your needs and shorten your project time.

These resources will continue to be great places to begin building and enriching your GIS work. Many product updates were just released and more will emerge in the coming weeks. As the ArcGIS platform continues to extend its capabilities, the documentation will evolve and provide new gateways to making your projects come to life.

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