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Community Analyst - What's coming (Nov 2015)

Community Analyst is about to get an update!

Later this month, Esri will be releasing several enhancements as well as demographic content updates.

Here are some of those updates:

Walk times follow paths and roads that allow pedestrian traffic. Walking speed is set to 5 km per hour.

The Live Traffic option is updated every 5 minutes from live traffic feeds and Historical Traffic can be selected by day and 15 minute increments.

When creating a Color-Coded Map in the U.S., you can browse and select the 2015 Dominant Tapestry Segment and quickly see socioeconomic and demographic pockets based on the dominant Tapestry segment of neighborhoods.

Infogroup maintains over 15 million active businesses across the U.S. and Canada. Infogroup data will be available in the Business and Facilities Search where you can choose from several new display options including a heat map.

Infogroup data will be available in the Business Locator Report.

Infogroup data will be available to Export to Excel.

Infogroup data will be available to Share to ArcGIS Online.

While the business locations data in Community Analyst has never been permitted for direct mail or direct marketing purposes, you’ll notice that the street address number is not present when you Export to Excel or Share to ArcGIS Online. This is a restriction from our new data provider.

Use it to represent sites you create or import as well as business searches.

No more starting over, now you can simply drag and move variables in your lists.

About the author

Lucy Guerra has over 20 years of experience as a product manager, working with organizations to understand their business challenges and shaping products to address those challenges. She focuses on enhancing the user experience with quality data, and leads a team focused on bringing to market, and driving awareness of, Esri's data and location services.

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