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You asked, and we delivered! Many contributors requested that we build more transparency into the Community Maps data processing steps, so that organizations have a better idea of the workflow their data undergoes after they upload it through the Community Maps Contributor App.

We’ve now included a new Data Processing Details page that features a map and a pop-up with the steps in the Community Maps workflow. Once you’ve uploaded new data, you can see how it is progressing through the workflow, and get meaningful information such as the current step and estimated publish timeframes. As your data moves through the steps and the page is updated nightly, this information can help you better plan activities tied to the publication date.

To access this Data Processing Details page, simply sign in to the Community Maps Contributor App and click the Data Processing Details link, outlined in red below.

Data Processing Details link

When you click this link a map and pop-up will appear with information regarding your contribution.

Data Processing Details map

We’ve tried to be as concise as possible with the step names, and here is a more complete explanation. Note that many of these steps have associated auto-notification e-mails that also give you a sense of where your data contribution is along the publication workflow.

Citation Name: The citation name you provided when you registered to become a Community Maps contributor. Once your data is published, this name is displayed in the bottom right corner of the World Topographic Map when you zoom to a map scale that touches your contribution area.

Current Step: The current workflow step of your contribution.

Data Submitted: The date that you uploaded your data through the Community Maps Contributor App.

Initial Estimated Publish Timeframe: The estimated initial timeframe that your data will be published as part of the World Topographic Map.

Data Processing Details workflow

  1. Data Downloaded: The date we download your contribution and begin our work. During the review we check for things such as data completeness and accuracy. We also check to see how the data will align with neighboring communities.
  2. Data Evaluated: The assessment of your data has been completed.
  3. Data Prepped for Integration: We are preparing to incorporate your data into our central geodatabase, where all of the data that is used to create the World Topographic Map is kept.
  4. Data Integrated: Your data has been integrated into our central geodatabase.
  5. Data Integration Reviewed and Cache Created: We have completed a review of the integration to ensure all layers and features were integrated successfully. We also create a preliminary cached map using your data. The map is supplemented with commercial and public data sources.
  6. Esri Cache Review Started: We review the cached map and check for issues such as missing features and edge matching with organizations that share boundaries with the preliminary cached map.
  7. Preliminary Cache Released for Client Review: We send the preliminary cached map to you for review. You have seven (7) business days to complete your review and approve the cache. If the cache is not approved, we will work with you on any issues that may arise. If we do not receive a response from you after seven (7) business days, we will proceed with preparing a final cached map for publication.
  8. Cache Approved: The preliminary cached map has been approved either by you, or seven (7) business days has passed and we have not received a response from you.
  9. Assembled Final Cache: We create the final cached map to be used in the World Topographic Map. This final cached map includes layers that may have been missing in the preliminary cached map, such as vegetation, hillshade, and contours.
  10. Added to Publication Queue: The final cached map is in line for publication.

Proposed Published Date: Once your data has been added to the Publication Queue, we are able to determine an anticipated date the final cached map will be published online as part of the World Topographic Map.

Please note: This status map is available for as long as you have a contribution in the publication workflow. Once your data is published as part of the World Topographic Map, this display is removed until it comes time to submit an update and your next contribution goes through this process.

If you wish to return to the page that shows the overall view of your contribution, simply click the Back to contribution button.

We hope you find this additional information useful. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

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