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Add Feature information to ArcGIS for Power BI

The Feature information pane is a new, customizable tool available with the June 2024 release of ArcGIS for Power BI. It adds interactive context to your map. Use available attributes from layers added to your map from ArcGIS to display selected data at the side of the map view.

With the Feature information pane, you can visualize, interact with, and analyze key information about added layers. The attributes you select provide details about your map at-a-glance.

What kind of content can you add?

Chart-enabled layers—like demographic data layers, climate maps, and indexes—may include interactive content like charts or infographics. Live feed layers may include dynamic attributes like current weather or traffic conditions. Other layers may include static content like attribute lists or tables.

In the below image, the Esri Demographics US 2023 Population layer has been added to the map and the Feature information pane. The layer includes interactive graphs related to population at the County level.

Feature information pane with interactive graph

Use the Feature information pane to show sea rise metrics, for example. The following image provides U.S. water monitoring station data with a layer and interactive graph from ArcGIS Living Atlas.

Feature information pane with ArcGIS Living Atlas layer

You can also use the Feature information pane to show details about selected features from any layer. Similar to tooltips or pop-ups, combine these with the layer legend to add the broadest array of information to your map.

Feature information pane as pop-up

Wrap up

The Feature information pane adds interactive content to your map from selected layer attributes. The pane can illustrate regional details and add meaningful context to your data. As a result, use it to highlight the breadth of all available content or select only the most relevant attributes.

Visit our online user guide for more information about this new feature and other updates from this release. To learn more about ArcGIS for Power BI, join our Esri Community—a great place to find out what’s coming next, connect with GIS experts, ask questions, and get ideas.

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