Data Appliance 7.0: On-Premise Location Data

Is your organization looking for secure access to global basemaps and reference layers? Data Appliance for ArcGIS enables you to create, publish, and share map services with colleagues securely behind your firewall. Designed with your protection in mind, Data Appliance offers an on-premise GIS solution comparable to the Esri basemap content available through ArcGIS Online services.

The tenth anniversary of Data Appliance for ArcGIS is now being released and represents a significant change in its evolution. With version 7.0, Data Appliance for ArcGIS World, North America Advanced, and Standard Product Options will now include Esri Vector Basemaps in addition to the rich suite of raster Basemaps and elevation data.

The on-premise content is updated annually and curated by a dedicated team at Esri. The hardware fits easily into your IT infrastructure by connecting directly to your existing network. This allows you to quickly leverage the data for successful geospatial visualization and analysis.


Esri Data Appliance

Key benefits of Data Appliance for ArcGIS:

World Imagery

What’s included:

Data Appliance connects your organization with the most up-to-date offline services for spatial data exploration. The services are grouped into the following categories:

World Physical Map


Options to fit your organizational need:

Provided on a Yearly Term License basis, Data Appliance for ArcGIS comes as a preloaded network-attached storage (NAS) device in the following product options:

World Basic: Includes maps with small and medium scales down to 1:72,000, or level 13.

World Standard: Everything in World Basic plus large-scale worldwide maps with a subset of high-resolution imagery in the World Imagery basemap.

World Advanced: Everything in World Basic and World Standard, plus high-resolution imagery worldwide.

North America Standard: Everything in World Basic, plus large-scale maps for North America and a subset of North America high-resolution imagery in the World Imagery basemap.

North America Advanced: Everything in World Basic and North America Standard, plus in World Imagery, high-resolution imagery for North America

Esri Vector Basemaps: Includes vector Basemaps and reference maps with small, medium and large scales. Note: This option is delivered separately on a Flash Drive, not included with the World Basic Product Option.

Learn more about these options.

The Data Appliance for ArcGIS: Esri Vector Basemaps can also be purchased as a standalone option for those customers who want to take advantage of a high-performance street map (in multiple styles) as a background to their maps.  If customers want to use raster data (imagery, elevation, etc.) as the background to their maps, they can either use their own data, purchase the Data Appliance for ArcGIS (on-premises), or access these layers from ArcGIS Online.


Get Started:

Esri’s Data Appliance team is available to help you decide which data product is right for you. Email us at If you are outside the United States, contact the Esri office that serves you.

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