GeoDev Webinar: ArcGIS Hub

A few weeks ago, Patrick Hammons and I introduced ArcGIS Hub to our GeoDev community. During the hour, we chatted with almost 800 folks about the open source components that make up ArcGIS Hub and how to engage citizens. We also discussed patterns for civic technologists to access and analyze open data using Python and JavaScript and redeploy solutions for communities around the world.

You can view the recording on YouTube. A complete Q&A, including questions we didn’t have time for during the live broadcast, can be found on GeoNet.

Whether you’re a software developer, an aspiring developer, or just like to tinker under the hood, our GeoDev webinar series is a great way to learn about the latest Esri technology. You can dig into the archive to learn about the 4.x ArcGIS API for JavaScript, the ArcGIS API for Python and ArcGIS Runtime. On January 17th, tune in live to learn about custom Web AppBuilder widgets with Gavin Rehkemper and Dave Martinez. In February we’ll dig into ArcGIS Pro Add-ins.

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John helps build ArcGIS Hub, maintains a handful of Leaflet plugins and coordinates with developers across the company to steer Esri's open source strategy. He has a tattoo of a California Raisin and when he's not in front of a computer you can often find him tangled up in poison oak somewhere near his mountain bike.


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