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What's New in Tracker for ArcGIS on the Android platform (October 2019)

We have updated Tracker for ArcGIS on the Android platform to improve support for location privacy changes that were introduced with Android 10. Google has given users additional control over an app’s access to location information and these updates align well with changes that Apple introduced with iOS 13.

The new Android 10 privacy features come in the form of more granular location controls and a dedicated privacy section in the Settings app. Tracker utilizes 2 key privacy features that can be found in the permissions manager:


There are 2 options for location access permissions in Android 10. Both are supported by Tracker.

Allow only while using the app

If you set location access to only while using, Tracker will be able to record your location when the app is in the foreground or when the app is in the background.

Allow all the time

Setting location access to all the time is preferred. If the Tracker app is shut down by Android, Tracker is still able to record locations using a background service.

When you first install the Tracker app you will be prompted with these choices.

Physical Activity Permission

One of the key ways that Tracker reduces battery consumption is that it is activity based. It will only record tracks when you are in motion and it requires physical activity permissions to know whether you are moving or stationary.

In addition to supporting these location access changes, we fixed a number of software defects.

What’s Next

Later this year, we plan to release location tracking support for ArcGIS Online. We launched a beta program in August, and we already have more than 87 organizations testing with over 2300 users being tracked! Please see this blog article for details.

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