Curious? Our most popular blog posts to date

By Aileen Buckley, Mapping Center Lead

Three primary scale indicators

I was looking through the list of our blog posts, and I thought you might be interested to see which ones have gotten the most “hits”. I’ll list them here, but keep in mind that some of our older posts get higher numbers of hits because, well, they’ve just been around longer! But I think this list also helps us learn what you want to hear about. If anything in the list generates an idea about something you would like us to blog about, please send us comments to this post so we can hear from you. So, here we go…

And the winners are…(blog posts that have had over 10,000 hits)…in order of appearance:

Choosing the best way to indicate map scale
by: MappingCenterTeam
Aug 06 2007

Tips for exporting to Adobe Illustrator format (AI) so CYMK colors are maintained
by: mlaw
Sep 20 2007

Creating Street Name Indexes
by: cfrye
Nov 08 2007

Cartographic Design: Inset Maps
by: abuckley
Mar 04 2008

Aspect-Slope Map
by: abuckley
May 22 2008

What I wish I had known about Model Builder before I started using it
by: abuckley
Feb 19 2009

The Buffer Wizard in ArcMap
by: marg3002
Jul 15 2009

Honorable mentions…(blog posts that are nearing the 10,000 hits mark):

About geographic transformations and how to choose the right one
by: abuckley
May 06 2009

How can you tell what map scales are shown for online maps?
by: abuckley
Mar 19 2009

And just to make it an even 10…(a blog post that is “waiting in the wings” to become a winner):

Creating a legend for hypsometrically tinted shaded relief
by: cfrye
Sep 07 2007

Again, we hope you’ll send us some ideas for things you’d like us to blog about. In the meantime, you might find some of these posts as interesting or useful as others have!

About the author

Dr. Aileen Buckley has been making maps since she was an undergraduate student. She has a Bachelors in Geography and Spanish from Valparaiso University, a Masters in Geography from Indiana University, and a Ph.D. in Geography from Oregon State University. She is a senior product engineer on the Living Atlas team, and her work focuses on determining and sharing best practices for mapping and analysis with modern GIS. She publishes and presents world-wide on many aspects of mapping and GIS. She is a co-author of Map Use: Reading, Analysis, Interpretation, and she is a co-editor for the Atlas of Oregon. Aileen is a former president of CaGIS (the U.S. cartographic association) and is actively involved with the International Cartographic Association in which she is the lead delegate for the United States.

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